eCommunicative Classes and Self-trainingf


gIn order to teach we must study. Self training is indispensable. In addition to studying how to teach English effectively, we must not forget to improve our own English. Our command of English may become worse year after year. Especially for older teachers who have stuck to traditional grammar-translation method, communicative English is difficult. But younger teachers were taught like that when they were students because in most schools an emphasis was put on reading and writing.


Besides, once we have become teachers, we donft have to use English as a means of communication. We can hardly find or create the situations where we have to use English, if we donft try to. Thatfs why we teachers of English must make a great effort to acquire communicative skills. It may seem to be difficult at first, but it will bring you a lot of fun once you begin. Fortunately, you are surrounded by a lot of good materials available at school and at home.


First of all, please relax and enjoy English.@Ask yourself what you like about English. Continue to do what you want to do concerning English. Donft lose interest in English. If you have no interest at all in English, how can you motivate your students to be interested in English? You donft always have to study some difficult thesis. To enjoy English, and to have an interest in English is very important.


Try to do something daily. Anything is ok, as long as it is interesting. For example, read an English newspaper daily. If you are interested in sports, try to scan the sports page. Watch satellite broadcasting and enjoy movies through English. News programs such as CNN,BBC, etc are good to keep up with the times. There are many other interesting programs. Make friends with native speakers of English and enjoy some activities together. We now have a lot of AETs in Gifu prefecture....


...Itfs now or never.h@