Lesson Planning and Evaluation


Lesson Plan Checklist


1. Aim: Is this a topic that can be continued in future classes as well?

       a. Is it meaningful to your students?

         b. Do you use it throughout the entire lesson?

         (i.e. are you consistent?)


2. Profile of students:  who are they?

       a. Does your material match the interest, age and language

         level of your students?

         b. Have you taken into consideration the size of the class?


3. Objectives: Are your objectives observable?

         a. Do your reading objectives involve the use of skills that

         will improve comprehension?

         b. Do your writing objectives focus on communication?

         c. Oral repetition and simply reading out loud do not guarantee

         comprehension. Nor do reading and writing a grammar point.


4. Warm-Up: Is it interesting?

         a. Does it get the students' attention and prepare them for

         the lesson that will follow?

         b. Can you be creative and use something more interesting?


5. Presentation of new material objectives: How are you teaching your students?

         a. Is it all taught deductively? Can you do it differently?

         b. Is the teacher doing all of the teaching? Is it a Teacher-centered          class? Can the students take a bigger part in their learning? Is it a          student-centered class?

         c. Are you teaching something beneficial to the students'

         acquisition of English?

         d. Are sentences and exercises meaningful and contextualized?


6. Guided activity: Is it something more than simply repeating and filling in the blanks? (including teacher's help)

         a. Are you acting as a facilitator while your students are practicing

         their language?

         b. Can you be more interactive and creative?

         c. Is it meaningful and related to your aim?


7. Independent activity: Are students practicing the objective? (excluding teacher's help)

         a. Is it meaningful?

         b. Is it creative?


8. Evaluation: Are you evaluating properly on your objectives?

         a. Is it meaningful?

         b. Is it related to your aim?


9. Follow-up: Are you providing more practice on today's lesson?


Example of an ARC lesson plan 

by Jim Scrivener


Date 12/02/2002
Lesson Aims and Objectives:     
To understand and use vocabulary and grammar relating to effectively making a phone call/having a phone conversation

Possible learner difficulties: lack of relevant grammar and vocabulary to do this lesson without assistance.
Vocabulary/grammar to pre-teach:
 to make, to dial, to receive, operator, phone box, directory enquiries

Strategies to combat learner difficulties: provide a clear model for a phone conversation and provide clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary using visual aids to aid student learning and a substitution table
Assumed student knowledge: some basic noun vocabulary and some knowledge of present tense usage

T = teacher TTs = teachers S = student  Ss =Students


Time Frame

Type of Activity

Activity Details

T  Ss




Clarification & Focus


T(Ts) pre-teach new vocabulary for telephone call

Ss- Ss




Restrictive Exercise (Pair work)


Grouping exercise-grouping words according to theme (e.g. phone, phone line etc.)

Ss- T




Clarification & Focus


Ss feedback their answers as to word grouping

T  Ss




Clarification & Focus


T(Ts) provide a model and explain how to do the substitution role-play

Ss- Ss




Authentic Activity (Pair work)


Ss make up their own dialogues using words that are the subsitituted by a symbol

T  Ss




Clarification & Focus


T(Ts) review grammar points/errors

This lesson plan is simplified to provide a broad view of ARC method.


Team Teaching Evaluation Form For Students









5 4 3 2 1


1.    Did you understand the ALT?



Very well






Not at all

2.Were you active(e.g. speaking, doing something) during the class?


Very active






Not at all

3.Was the class interesting?



Very interesting






Not at all

4.Was the class useful to improve your listening ability?


Very useful






Not at all

5.Was the class useful to improve your speaking ability?


Very useful






Not at all

6. How much did you

learn from the ALT?


A.English language


A lot






Nothing new

B.Western Culture


A lot






Nothing new

7. Do you like the team-teaching class?



Yes, a lot






No, Not at all